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Pins & Fins, LLC was founded on the principals and ideals held my many other people who enjoy fly fishing.  That is to say, the #1 reason we fish is the great places that fish live.   Fish need clean water to survive.  Whether they are freshwater trout or are tarpon or bonefish, they can't make it on water that is not clean.  Our beliefs are that you should always try and make the environment and the preservation of it our top concern.  Because let's face it, if there are no fish, there is no fishing!
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Pins & Fins
First, thanks for stopping by.  We appreciate your visiting us.  Just a little bit about our stuff, if your not familiar...
We have cloths that clean your fishing equipment, patches that dry your flies, towels that clean the fish slime off your hands so you don't have to wipe it on your waders, awesome shirts, a cool pro staff, fishing events and a bit of a "touched" web host and lots of other fun things....
Come in.  Look around.  Again, thanks for stopping by.